November 25, 2003 | 1:19 AM Central Time
100 exciting things about me... hehe,.. not.

I haven't written in a while but I was bored... so...

Here is a list of 100 things about me..

1) My name is Amanda.

2) I am from Decatur, Illinois and I am dying to move. I hate it here.

3) My favorite musical artists are a tie between The Magnetic fields, Robyn Hitchcock and Nick Cave.

4) My favorite thing to eat is mashed potatos with gravy... any kind of potato works, though! I also like them raw with seasoned salt on them.

5) I have trouble sleeping at night.

6) I had an ex and we mutually left each other a long time ago.

7) Sometimes I think that I miss him but, I have a boyfriend now whom I love very much.

8) My favorite hobby is to read but, I don't have nearly enough time to do it for fun anymore.

9) I eat cookie dough ice cream out of a large bowl with a large tablespoon.

10) Like David said... duck pants... enough said.

11) I have volunteered at the same nursing home since I was seven years old, I have over 700 volunteer hours.

12) I now work at this nursing home in the kitchen, on payroll. Isn't it amazing?

13) This is my favorite number.

14) I have six best friends... Justin, David, Howard, Thomas, Sam, and Laura.

15) Out of these six people, there is only one that I can really call a true true friend and whom I don't feel distant from.

16) I have a very large appetite for music... I listen to anything and everything. This includes things way before my time.

17) I am Miss Junior America City Queen in my town for the second year in a row.

18) I have been in several parades.

19) I have three poems published.

20) People tell me that my smile lights up the room.

21) I wonder if this is true...

22) Sometimes I feel so dark that I can enter a room, sit down and stay for a while and leave again being unnoticed.

23) I am on medication for manic depression.

24) I am a generally happy person... with the medication.

25) I'm happy right now.

26) I got to talk to the person that I love for a while.

27) Not long enough... but a while.

28) I can make an entire list of guys who are in love with me and who have a large interest in me but, I feel nothing for them in return.

29) I like King of the Hill, Everwood, 7th Heaven, The Simpsons, and Who's Line is it Anyway?

30) I love to go walking. I can walk for miles but, I hate running and can last only minutes before getting tired.

31) I have cucumber melon shampoo, condiitoner, body wash, facial scrub, hand repair lotion, foot repair lotion, normal lotion, handwash soap, rich body cream, bubblebath, bodyspray, and shaving cream.

32) I wear all of that except the body spray... I wear Calgon Hawaiian Ginger body spray. It smells wonderful together.

33) I can't decide whether I like the Hawaiian Ginger or the cucumber melon better as a favorite smell.

34) Hawaii is my favorite state.

35) I hope to go there on vacation this summer.

36) I also hope to go for my honey moon.

37) I hate guys with muscles.

38) I also hate guys who are jocks.

39) I hated guys in general and thought they were evil until one person came along and turned my world around.

40) You know who you are.

41) My favorite animals are cats.

42) My favorite insect is the dragonfly.

43) My room is decorated in them.

44) I just did recently and finally redecorate my room. The walls are pastel yellow and my bedding and curtains are done in all sorts of different shades of purple. I also have lots of purple and green candles.

45) The green are cucumber melon of course.

46) The purple are lavendar and aromatherapy.

47) I keep Bath & Body Works in business.

48) Most of the people who work at Bath and Body Works know me by name and it's mutual.

49) I have braces that are coming off on December 11.

50) I have glasses that I wear occasionally and that I look dorky in.

51) My boyfriend swears that I look sexy as hell in them.

52) My most popular nickname is "bitch."

53) My boyfriend swears that I am a goddess and a very loving person, though.

54) I don't like this song...

55) I just changed it.

56) I shop at American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Kohls, The Buckle, and Dots.

57) I have a cat named Nessie.

58) There are also two other cats in the house, Tiger and Angel belong to my Mom and brother.

59) I dream of taking a vacation in London, feeling the London rain rolling down upon me.

60) Last night I dreamt I was at a food buffet and I remember grabbing lots of things but, there was a big sweet pickle in particular.

61) Food is my favorite thing.

62) Vegetable egg rolls are awesome.

63) The Chinese fast food place near my home knows me by name, call-in-order number and they always know exactly what I want.

64) I know everyone and no one in my town at the same time.

65) Maybe I should be more politically correct and say that I am "aqqauinted" with everyone.

66) Our population is near 200,000 too.

67) I am taking Hebrew as a foreign language.

68) I am learning Hawaiian on my own.

69) WOOHOO! 69!

70) I am a computer nerd.

71) I don't know everything but, I know enough.

72) I know HTML and CSS... that's pretty good considering that I come from a family that consists of dumbasses when it comes to operating computers.

73) If my father gets a script error window, he freaks out and asks me how to get rid of it and what it means.

74) I am on a very high demand in this household.

75) I've been eating laffy taffy's while writing this... I am such a fatass.

76) I only weigh 106 pounds, though...

77) Plus I am tall. Very tall.

78) What are you going to make of it?!

79) I am starting to run out of things to say.

80) I never liked talking about myself anyway.

81) I am torn between being a Christian and a Jew.

82) I am taking Driver's ED...

83) And I have a keychain that says "So many pedestrians... so little time."

84) I am an evil and seductive temptress.

85) Guys commonly refer to me as "Candyass" or "Candypants" or "Candy" or just "Malibu Barbie."

86) I hate my coworkers in the kitchen at the nursing home.

87) Yesterday I snapped on one of them and was cheered on.

88) I want to stab one of them in particular...

89) It's the one who I snapped on, actually.

90) Spongebob, and Tom and Jerry are my favorite cartoons.

91) I'm a big kid but, I am usually the adult in my relationships at the same time.

92) Did I ever mention that I am a female?

93) I am generally opposite-sex orientated.

94) I am dating someone of the opposite sex right now.

95) He's sweet.

96) He also has a very nice ass.

97) It's 1:12 AM, did I mention that I have trouble sleeping at night?

98) I like french vanilla expressos.

99) I just bought my own expresso machine and lots of french vanilla mix off of Ebay.

100) My ass hurts right now.

That's the end... you made it to the end! Congratulations to anyone who made it to the end!


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