November 27, 2003... Thanksgiving Day | 9:43 PM Central Time
Happy Thanksgiving, not so happy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I was happy for the holiday until I realized that I was alone. I was working, though. I spent a lot of time with the residents at the nursing home. It made me feel a better better. I've never alone with them... to them, I'm their grand-daughter, and to three of them... the best friend that they ever had, or so they say.

I'm going to be honest with the journal for the first time in weeks... honest with myself. I haven't been feeling so hot lately.

Really, down deep my heart has turned to ice. I have a few people to make me feel better if I only hear their voice. Otherwise, I've forgotten how to love myself.

This isn't my day though, like I said, Happy Thanksgiving... give thanks. Don't give sympathy to the typically self-centered teenage girl who needs love over the holidays.

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