November 30, 2003 | 12:54 AM Central Time
This... sucks.

Dear Diary Readers,

I have been debating bringing this up for a long time now but, a best friend of mine and I were just discussing it and I guess it's time to be honest to myself...

My diary really fucking sucks these days.

What in the hell happened?

I got on anti-depressants, I stopped putting myself in dangerous love triangles, I stopped being depressed and now I am average.

Average... I hate to think that. I used to be a great writer when I had inspiration, I had a fan club and people to listen.

Now, everyday, (when I decide to update, I mean), I write about a typical teenage life, and the truth is, I have nothing to write about.

I don't even really enjoy it anymore.

There was a time when my life was so rushing and risky that I would update three or four times a day.

I'm now more of a stable person... it suits me and it doesn't but, I am not the type to put myself in dangerous situations and just plain weird situations just to write exciting things.

I will still write but, read the BULLSHIT at your own risk.

When I turn 18, I will become and exotic dancer and a porn star and let you all in on my girlish fantasies. Until then...

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