November 28, 2003 | 2:07 PM Central Time
High on Life... and hyper as hell.

Today I am feeling... POSITIVE.

For the first time in weeks, on the day that I should be depressed and praying for death... I am feeling great.

I don't even know how to explain it, and I am sure that tomorrow that I will be depressed and moping around. This is how it is with manic depression... and without me taking the Lithium for a while...

I'm just looking around and all I see is beauty. Everything is beauty.

Like I told Justin, I don't like the way that my life is going right now but, I have a lot of small things to be thankful for... and a couple of big things too.

I have a couple of people who take care of me... not many but, a couple who care about me.

I told Danny last night that I wish I knew what attracts numbers of guys to me, and what it was that pushed just one away...

I honestly don't care. It's our anniversary today and I have a few things to say to him... "Thank you... and fuck you." !!!

Thank you for ruining my life and also making it ten times better... and fuck you just because it's fun to say.

I even had a French Vanilla expresso today... today is a damn good day!

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